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Skin Peels

Skin Peels

Normally, healthy young skin sheds its dead skin cells approximately every 28 days. In skin that suffers from excessive oil, or in older skin, this cell renewal rate slows right down. It is this dead cell accumulation that gives the skin a dehydrated, discoloured look, with a thicker texture, a loss of firmness and clogged pores, contributing to pimples. Skin peels are medically acknowledged in combating not just premature ageing, but also thick textured skin, blackheads, clogging, pigmentation, scarring and open pores.

ASAP Glycolic Peel

Works by dissolving the glue like substance that holds dead skin cells on the skins surface. When these dead skin cells are removed the underlying layer of fresh new skin cells is revealed. This layer has a smoother texture and a more even colour. Pores are refined; blackheads and pimples are greatly reduced and thick textured skin is finer and softer. Fine lines and wrinkles are also greatly helped by the use of glycolic, which encourages skin to produce and restore collagen and elastin, resulting in not just a reduction in lines and wrinkles but firmer and tighter supportive fibres.

ASAP Reveal Peel

Are used to remove and thus improve the appearance of areas of damaged, extremely wrinkled or discoloured skin. The Jessner’s peel uses a special acid solution, which causes the top layer of the skin to fall off (5 – 10 days), revealing the younger, healthier skin beneath.

Several peels are needed to achieve the full results, as it is designed to only affect a very thin layer of the skin each time. Usually a peel is carried out every two weeks to one month, depending on the skin type and the type of damage that the peel is aimed to improve.

ASAP Lactic Peel

Exfoliates, targets pigmentation and sun damage while providing intense hydration. White Mulberry fruit extract brightens the skin and reduces appearance of pigmentation and sun damage. Pomegranate extract restores water circulation to the skin and assists with collagen production. Visible peeling is unlikely but peeling may occur.

FAQs - Skin Peels

How do peels work?

Peels can work in a number of ways but are generally used to assist shedding of dry, damaged skin cells, resulting in younger, fresher smoother looking skin. Peels also have a normalizing function and improve skin hydration. They can be used to help remove pigmentation and sun damage , fine lines and writing, but also help improve blackheads and acne blemishes or scarring.

What does the treatment involve?

During the treatment a peel solution is applied in either single or multiple layers. This depends on individual skin types, presenting skin conditions and the type of peel used. Some peels are removed after a few minutes, while others remain on the skin to dry . After the peel we apply a light moisturiser and sun block with SPF30+. If you are not protecting your skin adequately, pigmentation changes may occur. It is important not to use any form of tanning one month prior to treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

A tingling or slight stinging sensation may be felt for a few minutes while the peel dries or until the solution is washed off. Skin that has been prepared adequately will be more tolerant and less reactive.

What will I look like after treatment?

It is normal to have some redness and tingling for a few hours. After are surfacing peel the skin may feel tight and mask-like and look shiny and darker for a few days, when a light peeling effect should kick in. Clients who had a lactic peel treatment may not notice and peeling effects at all, just a gradual improvement in their skin condition. NOTE;DO NOT PICK any peeling skin as this delays the healing process and can lead to infection, scarring or pigmentation changes.

How many peels will I need?

Depending on each individual skin condition, we recommend a course of six treatments with some follow up treatments. Some skin problems are deeper than others and may required additional treatments. Maintenance treatments are recommended according to your skin condition.